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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a wedding webcast? What is a live webcast? What is ‘on demand’?
    A ‘webcast on internet’ is similar to a ‘telecast on TV’. Just like you can either see a live cricket match on TV or view its recorded version later, similarly you can either have a ‘live webcast’ of your wedding through the internet or make a recorded version of it available to your guests for viewing later. With a ‘live webcast’ your friends/relatives who are unable to make it to the venue can view your wedding ceremonies ‘as they happen’ i.e. in ‘real time’. You can also keep a recorded version of the video on your website, which your friends/relatives can view ‘on demand’ from your wedding website at any time.
  • What is required (on location) to conduct a live webcast?
    A high speed internet access at your location of broadcast. Nowadays, many reception halls have wireless internet access.
  • What if our venue doesn't have an internet connection?
    If your venue does not have a high speed (DSL or Cable modem) internet connection, we are still able to broadcast the event with the wireless broadband option. For wireless broadband event coverage your venue should be under the coverage of Reliance Net Connect+ (3.1Mbps) or Tata Indicom Photon+ internet service
  • Can I setup a test?
    Yes. Two days prior to your event we will activate your account on the streaming server. You will then be able to use the user id and password we've provided to you for your viewers to logon and test your live broadcast.
  • What are my viewer’s computer requirements?
    Your viewer requires a computer which has an Internet connection, Internet Browser like IE or Mozilla and a Flash player 8 or higher version. If you do not have flash plug-in, you can download it from
  • How many people can logon and watch my event live?
    The standard package includes up to 50 simultaneous player connections. In other words you can have up to 50 computers connected simultaneous to view the broadcast. Of course, you may have more than several viewers at each computer. The premium package allows up to 100 simultaneous player connections. If you need additional player connections, it can be purchased as an additional 50 player connection blocks.
  • Can I broadcast if the event is outdoors?
    Yes, today there are several options where you can successfully broadcast an outdoor wedding. You can use a wireless broadband air card offered by a wireless service provider Wireless connected to a laptop. There are a few things to keep in mind when broadcasting outdoors. Not all locations have wireless broadband access.
  • Will I be able to view my broadcast at a later date?
    The basic package includes on-demand viewing for 1 week after the event, for the Standard package, and 2 weeks after the event, for the Premium package. Your visitors may view the event as many times as they like during this period. If you require longer on-demand viewing, please contact us. Both packages also include the ability for your visitors to download the video to a video to their computer for later viewing.
  • How long can my live webcast be?
    The standard package includes a live webcast with a maximum length of 2 hour; the premium package, 5 hours. If you require a longer webcast we can arrange it for an additional fee.
  • What should I do if I am not able to see the player?
    You require Flash Media Player 8 or above. You can download it from
    the website
  • What is a wedding website?
    A wedding website is a showcase of the biggest day of your life! It allows you to announce your wedding to your family, friends and relatives in an elegant and personal way. It is a time-saving and efficient way of sharing all your wedding information with your guests anywhere in the world. Wedding sites are not only great to keep your guests updated, but they are just as important to share your precious memories, photos and videos after the wedding. A tasteful and professionally designed wedding website truly reflects your personal style and sets the mood of your wedding!
  • What will it cost?
    We have several packages to suit all budgets and requirements. Please contact our sales Team for more information.
  • Can you arrange for photographers / videographers on the wedding venue?
    Yes we can do that for an additional cost. Our photographers specialize in still and video photography for the internet.
  • How will my guests find my wedding website?
    We will email you the website address, which you send out to your family and friends by email. We strongly recommend including the address in your wedding invitation card.


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